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Welcome to What is for Dinner This Week.  I hope you like the blog and keep coming back for more!

Everyone says “what is for dinner” and it is typically followed by "I don't know, what do you want."  It goes on in my house & I'm the one usually saying I don't know/care, what do you want.  
I'm a stay at home mom of a very active toddler & I have personalized stationary & invitations business too, Foot Notes By Kim.  I wouldn't change my life for anything.  There were days when my husband would come home and ask what is for dinner and I would look at him and go, I didn't even get a shower today, how could I think about dinner.  Mark is always awesome and though he gives me crap about being stinky, I know he is only doing it out of love!
Cooking typically isn't the issue in our house.  The issue is what are we going to cook.  We started creating our menus on Sunday after reviewing the sale ad.  Then one day I was reading a friend's Facebook post and she was crying out for a personal chef.  It said, last night was steak so tonight must be chicken.  I responded with do you want me to send you my weekly menu & she jumped on the idea as did my mom.  
So that lead me here to creating a blog of what we are having for dinner.  I'm sure as we go along I will throw in tid bits on what we are doing or crazy things Andrew has done the week before.  I might even throw in some cooking tips here & there.  Ultimately, I hope these recipes help get you through your crazy weeks!
Blessings to you & your family!