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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week of July 29th

  • Sunday:  Smoked chicken with roasted poblano potato salad (DH favorite).
    • We did this slightly different...we didn't roast them, we smoked the poblanos, corn & potatoes. 
  • Monday: Salsa Chicken over rice 
    • Good!
  • Tuesday: Spicy Hawaiian Burgers with sweet potato fries
    • Really Yummy!
  • Wednesday: Pesto Pasta with Cast-Iron Skillet Focaccia
    • The focaccia was really good and easy!  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
  • Thursday: French Dip Sandwiches with salad
    • This was very yummy!  Can't wait to make again after I make my own French Onion Soup.
  • Friday: Out to dinner
  • Saturday: Chicken Sausage with fontina cheese and basil (Trader Joes) with pasta and vegis
    • YUMMY  to our tummy!  

Enjoy your week, Be thankful for your blessings both big and small, Love your family, and don't forget to play with your food!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week of July 22nd

  • Sunday: pancakes
    • Little Man was making them this morning in his kitchen, so we decided to actually make him some for dinner before we had Graeters ice cream for dessert. 
  • Monday:   homemade pizza
  • Tuesday:Mexican Chicken 
    • I modified this by only using 1 enchilada sauce and no jalapenos, but I did put some cumin, cayenne pepper and salt in there.  we served over brown rice without the flour tortillas.  About 20 minutes before we were ready to eat I put the cheese on top to melt.  It was good, I think I let the chicken cook too long (6 hours).  It seemed dry.  
  • Wednesday: Burgers
  • Thursday: Roasted Summer Vegetable Pasta
    • This was yummy.  
  • Friday: Taco Salad with leftover mexican chicken from Tuesday night
  • Saturday:  We went out to dinner because we had a $10 off coupon at O'Charleys.  MMM, O'Charley's rolls....

 Enjoy your week, Be thankful for your blessings both big and small, Love your family, and don't forget to play with your food!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week of July 15th

This menu was from when it was in the 90s and 100s.  So, these meals are cooked all without the oven.  Even though last week I did cook a pizza in a 500 degree oven. Yes, I still say I'm crazy!  

  • Sunday: Taco Salad
    • I used rotisserie chicken.
    • The box for the taco shell says not to use a toaster oven.  I decided  since it was 100 degrees outside & it feels like 105 I wasn't going to use the oven.  They turned out fine.  I think the biggest difference was they didn't get as flaky and golden.  We decided it was okey dokey to not have them as good as they would if we would have turned the oven on....
  • Monday: BBQ Chicken Calzones
    • I just used the recipe as a recipe starting off point. I really used crescent rolls and leftover smoked pork. 
    • We made these in the toaster oven.
  • Tuesday:  Barbecued Turkey and Cheese Panini 
    • good as always and a nice way to use a panini press or a griddle (which is what we used).  
  • Wednesday: Chef Salad
  • Thursday: Tortellini Alfredo with Roasted Peppers
    • It was yummy!
  • Friday: we picked up pizza, no cooking for this mommy the night before we head out of town. 
  • Saturday:  We were at Nana, Grammy and Aunt Jen's....We had hamburgers.  

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week of July 1st

  • Sunday:  smoked ribs 
    • Sorry can't help you with this recipe....DH doesn't let me touch the smoker....but we got them from Preferred Meats.  They were yummy!
  • Monday: Out to dinner with out of town family
  • Tuesday: Pesto Chicken Pasta, salad with Garlic Bread
  • Wednesday: Leftovers
  • Thursday: BBQ pork pizza
    • NO pickles and added cilantro
    • This was yummy!
  • Friday:  Pork Chops, baked potato and corn on the cob in the crock pot
    • I feel as though the pork & corn were was dry.  Potatoes = YUM!  Great way to have baked potato in the summer.
  • Saturday: Hamburgers
    • grilled onions with pesto and mozzarella = YUM