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Monday, February 20, 2012

February 19 - 25th

  • Sunday: Spaghetti 
  • Monday: Chiles Rellenos with Smashed Black Beans 
    • OK - Do NOT do these on a week night when you get home at 6 and are starving.  They are a little tough to make.  Please Please Please read & understand the recipe before you begin making these little doozies, you will thank me!  We ended up just stuffing them and putting them back in the broiler till the cheese melted.  We also added some chicken to the cheese corn mixture.  They were good.  
  • Tuesday:  Cocoa-Rubbed Steak With Bacon-Whiskey Gravy with crispy baked potatoes & roasted vegetables 
    • We didn't make the bacon whiskey gravy.  We thought these were ok, but we think the problem was that our grill wasn't hot enough so the cocoa and  brown sugar didn't caramelize. 
  • Wednesday: Baked Fried Chicken with vegis
  • Thursday: Philly Turkey Burger
  • Friday:  We were out of town...We had dinner with my parent.
  • Saturday: We were still out of town....

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