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Saturday, May 28, 2011

What is for Dinner This Week: May 29 - June 4

Welcome to Memorial Day Weekend!   The BBQ chicken fajitas were good and a different way to use up some tortillas I had in the freezer.  We would make these again!  I opted not to make the chicken and rice bake because it took too long to bake...Sorry!  Sometimes, I just don't feel like baking something for an hour this time of year.  Instead we had pizza, requested by the Little Man!  The Asparagus Tagliatelle was good, but we felt it needed more sauce.  I would recommend using a pasta with ridges so the sauce adheres to it better.

The Spaghetti Carbonara was very good.  I don't believe I've ever had it and I know I've never made it before.  It was very easy and delish.  After trying, Mark put the whole bowl in front of him and said he'll give me a few noodles; he is soooo sweet!  I did make a change, I added roasted garlic.  Mark says next time we should add some smoked mozzarella to the dish to make it better.  The nice thing, this recipe is lighter than what I've always heard about this dish.

I'll make the chicken sausage for lunch today (Sat) or Sunday. I had to rearrange what meals we were having because what we thought was a Pig Roast at one of our fave restaurants, Fire Side, on Memorial Day, is actually being held Saturday...Life is about change and change is good!

We had some pretty strong storms go through on Wednesday night.  I really wasn't prepared for the tornado which hit about 2 miles up the road from us earlier this year, so since I knew it was coming almost a full day in advance we were totally prepared.  We had water in the cooler & wine frig, lunch meat, bread, peanut butter, chips & dip, left over pizza in the cooler.  I made our extra bed up so we, all 4 of us (Hubs, Little Man, Mckenzee (a scottie) and Me), slept in a queen size bed in a nook in our basement.  The 3 humans slept at the top of the bed and McKenzee slept plastered to me at the bend in my knees with a pillow over her head.  You could see her hiney & her nose.  Thankfully, we didn't have any damage nor did we see any on our morning outing.  I did wake up to a beautiful deer eating in our front yard and a Cardinal in our back yard (it flew away before I could get a picture)...

Hope you are all safe and have a safe & a Memorial Day full of wonderful memories....
Here is this week's menu....

Grocery List
    Enjoy your week, Be thankful for your blessings both big and small, Love your family, and don't forget to play with your food!

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