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Saturday, November 19, 2011

What is for dinner this week: November 20 - 26

Welcome to Turkey week!  We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with friends and family.  I'd like to chat a little bit about a comedian I have now seen twice and he has brought me a lot of laughs both time.  I will admit I laughed more when I saw him in person, but I also saw him with about 3000 other MOMS.  John Branyan....the comedian, the best thing is you could watch this with your 2 year old and not worry about him/her saying anything that will mortify you for years.  We saw Wedlocked last night and he talks about all of the ups & downs of being married.  It ends on a slightly down note, but one that hopefully you will walk away with a thought in your heart about your marriage and how it is a journey and there are ups and downs, but they all are worth it and by walking through the valleys & mountains with your spouse makes it all worth while in the end and it helps you to love them more!  A favorite piece of his for me is his rendition of the Three Little Pigs at the conference where I saw his live performance. 

Wishing you a heart filled week of blessings! 
  • Sunday: Korean-Style Chicken or Pork Noodle Bowls  
    • This was delish!
  • Monday: Pork chops and vegetables
  • Tuesday: Out to dinner
  • Wednesday:  Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini with salad and sweet potato fries
    • I used Turkey instead and it was yummy!
  • Thursday:  HAPPY Thanksgiving!  
  • Friday:  Leftovers
  • Saturday:  Brazilian Chicken with Coconut Milk and Coconut Couscous
    • I made some modifications to the recipe...I wasn't willing to spend the money on Tumeric for 1 recipe and couldn't find the coriander.  I also omitted the tomatoes, well - because I just don't like them!  ; ) - So,  I just coated the chicken with the cumin & cayenne and then sauted the onions with the chicken and added the coconut milk.
    • The only other disappointment was I didn't make double the amount because this was yummy delicious.  

Open on Thanksgiving

Buca makes planning Thanksgiving Day activities easy by opening early and staying late. Make your reservation today!

What kinds of Thanksgiving activities will you indulge in AFTER dinner?
For many Americans, Thanksgiving dinner is the end of the day.  Afterwards, there’s nothing to do but wallow on the sofa with that too-full feeling, maybe watch a little football.  But there are lots of ways to have some Thanksgiving fun after filling up on turkey – especially if you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast early in the day.

Just imagine enjoying fall color while taking a brisk walk or a country drive — the kids collecting the prettiest leaves to make a bouquet or collage.  After the food settles, you can all work up an appetite for leftovers with a Kennedy-esque game of touch football.  Or you can play some of those board games you’ve had put away in the closet.  Most theaters are open Thanksgiving Day, so you and the gang can go to a movie.  And die-hard shoppers can prepare a gameplan for Black Friday.  Great Thanksgiving ideas are out there – all you need to take advantage of them is time.

Early or late, Buca di Beppo opens up all kinds of Thanksgiving day possibilities for you and yours.
All Buca restaurants open Thanksgiving day at 11 AM.  That’s huge.  It means you can get everybody together early for specially prepared Thanksgiving dishes at Buca, then have the rest of the day for Thanksiving fun.  Or, if you’re intent on having Thanksgiving dinner in your home, you can pick up delicious Thanksgiving takeout from Buca at a convenient time.  If your Buca delivers, you can have an entire Thanksgiving dinner — or select Thanksgiving foods — from our gourmet kitchen on your table before noon.

And of course, Buca’s open late if you’d like to have Thanksgiving day the other way around.
For many, enjoying Thanksgiving activities first, then filling up on all those tantalizing Thanksgiving dishes is the way to go.  That way they can go to sleep afterwards guilt free.  Buca’s where to eat on Thanksgiving for you late-nighters too.  After opening Thanksgiving day at 11:00; all our restaurants stay open to make planning Thanksgiving dinner any time of day simple and absolutely scrumptious.

Spaghetti’s not one of your Thanksgiving traditions?  Don’t worry!
Buca’s serving up a special Thanksgiving feast this year that adds the rich flavors of Italian-American cuisine to traditional Thanksgiving recipes.  Start with salad, appetizers or both, then move on to the main event — juicy, white-meat turkey served over homemade Italian sausage stuffing delicately flavored with garlic, sage and parmesan.  It comes, of course, with gravy and whole-berry cranberry sauce.  Sides include such traditional Thanksgiving dishes as garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli romano and green beans.  And if spaghetti IS your idea of a Thanksgiving dish, you’re in luck.  Buca also serves not-so-traditional extras like ravioli al pomodoro, penne basilica and lasagna.
Finish your Thanksgiving feast with a flourish your guests will remember all year long.  Buca’s sensational desserts include creamy homemade cheesecake, apple crostata and pumpkin cannolis – any of which could become a must-have Thanksgiving tradition for your gathering.  Plus, all of Buca’s Thanksgiving dishes are served in family-style-sized portions that can leave you with plenty of leftovers to take home for later.

Getting family and friends out of the house and into Buca is one of the best Thanksgiving ideas ever.

No matter what time you dine Thanksgiving day, Buca’s one of the best restaurants for Thanksgiving around.  The food is fabulous, and you don’t have to work for days preparing it. The service is impeccable, and you don’t have to provide it.  There are no dishes to wash afterwards, which opens up this special day for you to relax, enjoy friends and family, and give thanks!

Don't forget to also visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for more menu plans. 
Enjoy your week, Be thankful for your blessings both big and small, Love your family, and don't forget to play with your food!

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