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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week of: May 27

I hope this post finds you well at the end of another week...

  • Sunday: Penne with Roasted Asparagus and Balsamic Butter
    • This was so yummy and our guests had heard how yummy it was so they requested it for dinner.  OH darn - 2x in a week.... 
  • Monday: Pancakes/Waffles (we need to fill up Andrew's breakfast stash)
  • Tuesday: Queso Fresco Beef Rolls with Chipotle Salsa
    • We made this a little different.   We didn't do the salsa....We liked it.  I don't like tomatoes - SORRY!
  • Wednesday: Pizza (crust from Trader Joes) - cook crust on pizza stone at 500 degrees for 5 - 6 minutes without any toppings.  Then pull it out and flip the crust over and add fully cooked toppings.  Cook till cheese is melted at lease another 5 - 10 minutes
  • Thursday: Sundried Tomato and basil Chicken Sausage (from Trader Joes) Pasta
  • Friday: Green Chili Burgers - always yummy.  Sorry, I cant tell you how to make it; we just dumped ingredients in and cooked.  Though, I will give you a bonus recipe  - French Bread.  I made this & cleaned up in 45 minutes.  This does exclude the rise time (30 minutes) and baking time (25 minutes).  I made this into 1 loaf & 4 rolls.  Next time I will cut the rolls smaller in order to get 6.  This was so good and so easy!!!
  • Saturday: we had fried egg sandwiches

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