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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chicken Enchillada Quesadilla, Mexican Rice, & Churros (Friday 4/30)

Ok, so I'm a little early for Cinco De Mayo, but Ole' anyway...mexican food is good anytime!
This has become a family favorite of ours.  Sometimes I will make re-fried beans, but tonight will be Mexican rice.  I'm not saying this is authentic rice, so please don't yell, but we like it this way and it is easy.

I take a package of frozen brown rice and follow instructions.  Then I throw in salsa & cheese, sometimes corn.  My husband always throws jalapenos in this and on the quesadilla.

For dessert we are going to have crescent rolls churros.  I haven't tried the recipe, but what could be better than crescent rolls with cinnamon & sugar to top off a deliciously easy Mexican meal...

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