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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meal Plan: 3/13 - 3/19

Welcome a new week.  I hope this week brings you happiness.

My sister is coming to visit us.  Andrew is really looking for a few fun filled days with his Aunt Erika.  Mark & I are looking forward to her visit also!  We were thinking about visiting the aquarium over near Cincinnati.  Unfortunately, I believe this is out of the question.  The Ohio River is flooding low areas.  At one point in Louisville, it is almost touching the bottom of the exit ramp from Highway 64.  In Cincinnati, a restaurant barge was swept away, thankfully everyone is safe! 

I have a few new dishes for you this week.  Mark found the yummy looking recipe to Melissa's Shepard's Pie.  I always thought it looked yucky (a typical kids term).  This one actually looks good.  I tend not to eat meatballs, because of a fear of chocking on them (I did as a child).  This recipe sounds yummy, I think I'll mix some Colby jack cheese in these. 

Enjoy your week, Be thankful for your blessings both big and small, Love your family, and don't forget to play with your food!

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