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Friday, March 25, 2011

Week: 3/27

Welcome to a new week, can you believe March is almost over.  I hope this week brings you happiness.

We have a very busy weekend planned.... So, I decided I should post the weeks menu ahead of time so everyone has the menu for the week in case I don't have time over the weekend.

For Christmas, my In-Laws purchased me a Demy.  It is a counter top digital recipe holder.  I LOVE it and highly recommend it for everyone who likes to find recipes on line & have easy access to them in the kitchen.  It works great when the Hubs is using the laptop and I don't have to keep asking him what the next step is...I really like the conversion screen.  It will convert measurements for you.  The best is the substitute pages.  If you don't have an ingredient it will tell you what you can subsitute it with - GREAT idea!  I do have 1 thing I don't really like about it - there are 5 timers (which is awesome), but I haven't figured out a way other than putting post it next to each timer to remind me which recipe the timer is for.  We've only used all the timers once when we were making lots of appetizers and they ALL had different cook times.  Go take a look at it!  I really think you will like the Demy. 

Sorry, I didn't have a chance to get the Grocery List prepared...Please forgive me....

Enjoy your week, Be thankful for your blessings both big and small, Love your family, and don't forget to play with your food!

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